When it comes to incorporating technology for events, planners walk a fine line. No technology and you're antiquated. Too much and you're trying too hard.
A brand activation is a great way to boost sales. With careful planning, a creative team and clear goals your brand activation will be a huge success.
There are many reasons to host a green event, and SED is here to help you plan your next sustainable event. We have executed events, including green event planning, for many top name companies.
Planning a fund raising event? Let Strategic Event Design help. We have proven experience and success with fundraising event planning, from budgeting to execution. Make your event more successful with SED!
Strategic Event Design is a full service event production company based in NYC that has executed production events for dozens of major corporations.
Client entertainment is a big part of business today (and not a bad write off). SED is an expert at social event planning and has put on corporate parties for Fox News, ABC Studios, Hallmark and Nat Geo (to name a few).
Brand Activation Events are a great way to kickoff a new brand or product. Also known as marketing activations, these events can give your brand a jolt.
Corporate event planning NYC - an intelligent, experienced third party in your large corporate function is crucial to success.

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